At Sweet P Catering, we offer a range of Food Photography packages that our specific to your organisation.

We know that food is a multi-sensory experience, so why do they say we ‘eat with our eyes’? Well research suggests this to be true, we are visual beings and we choose what to eat by what we see. That’s why investing in food photography for marketing purposes is essential for your business.

Our photographer, Wesley Chamberlain has been taking professional photographs for the past 8 years and has the added advantage of being a world class chef. He able to capture the rich colours, textures and complexity of each dish and his unique style of photography not only compliments the food, it brings it to life.

“Food photography can enhance your sales and give potential customers a glimpse of what dishes are on offer in your restaurant. As well as promoting your brand, it showcases the personality and atmosphere of your restaurant.”

Pictures speak a thousand words, look at the reach/impact they have on the social media platforms. These are powerful marketing tools and with the right images you will attract customers to your restaurant.

Our photography packages start from £650+VAT

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*All images credit and copyright Wesley Chamberlain

To find out more detail about this and other services we provide and how they can help you, please get in touch with us.