Our mission at Sweet P Catering, is to demonstrate excellence in the dissemination and application of knowledge as we train and support future leaders in the hospitality sector.

We believe to improve a learner’s knowledge; they should receive excellent training from experienced industry experts.

Behind every great Chef is a mentor, and at Sweet P Catering our panel of talented and experienced chefs will provide valuable mentoring skills to your employees. Through mentoring, they are able to transfer their culinary skills and knowledge and serve as an inspiration, teacher, confidant and guide. We’ll show them streamlining and efficiency techniques, without compromising on quality. How to manage people and coping mechanisms for stressful situations. More importantly, we’ll be a critic who points them in the right direction.

We'll assess their strengths and weaknesses, focus on the areas they are struggling with and build a framework with timescales to work to. Ensuring they have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to flourish in the hospitality sector is our mission.

We regard all business as individual and start each project with a face to face meeting. Once we've established what it is you would like to achieve, we’ll take time to get to know your brand then build a framework and timescale with key milestones, so you can monitor our progress.

Our Mentoring program:

From an employer's point of view, we believe that a good mentoring program is a powerful recruitment tool. It also allows for the development of professional and personal relationships, internal motivation and effective team work.

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To find out more detail about this and other services we provide and how they can help you, please get in touch with us.