Standard of Practice Documents (SOPs)

You need to determine the total cost of a plate that has multiple components. Calculating the cost of each item, will help you understand the relationship between standardised recipes, standard portions, and yield tests. As all of these play an important role when calculating the costs for your menu.

Food costs are controlled by five standards:

Having Standards of Practice in place is essential for the smooth running of a busy kitchen, especially when you have a team of chefs working staggered shifts. By standardising recipes, you will ensure that you produce a dish that is not only consistent in taste and yield every time, but one that will also give your customers consistency every time they order.

It should include the following:

Each business has different needs, so our prices are based on time and the policies required.

After our initial 2-hour assessment, for which we charge £50.00+VAT, we will be able to ascertain your requirements and quote accordingly. If you chose to proceed with our recommendations, this fee will be deducted from the total cost.

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