Mental Health

The consultants at Sweet P Catering are all passionate about the hospitality industry and the people we all work with. When you work closely with individuals for a long time, we all become concerned about each other. Something that concerns us all is mental health. It's a range of health issues that can affect any one of us, it’s always been there, but never talked about. All involved in Sweet P Catering want to address the issues and reach out and help anyone suffering with their mental health.

Good mental health is about behaving in a positive manner in how you think, feel and react in life. So, if you are suffering from poor mental health your feelings and thinking can become difficult or even impossible to cope with, (Mind). Common mental health problems range from depression and anxiety, to bipolar and schizophrenia. CIPD (2016) and Mind report 1 in 4 individuals are affected by poor Mental Health each year, but 20% of organisations are doing nothing to support their employees. The positive to that is that 80% of organisations are doing something to support their employees. Sweet P Catering adopt an open and inclusive working environment and want to support everyone.

The hospitality industry is renowned for its long hours culture, unsociable hours and unhealthy work life balance. According to Kotera et al (2018), 70% of hospitality workers report feeling overworked and 45% will take time off at some time in their career due to stress. Any one of us could end up in this situation; mental health doesn’t discriminate. The hopelessness, fear, worthlessness, darkness could descend and tragically can end in suicide. It’s important in the hospitality industry to reach out and talk to each other. You might not be suffering, but one of your team mates might be; stop telling each other to “man up!” Hospitality workers reportedly feel stigma and shame for seeking help for mental health and 44% of hospitality workers would not talk to anyone; (Kotera et al, 2018). Please support the colleagues you work alongside and look out for the following changes in behaviour:

To combat mental health, Sweet P Catering aim to provide meaningful work for the team and encourage all in their strengths and abilities – the negatives of these are cited as reasons leading to poor mental health.

Sweet P Catering are proud to be supporting Mind, the mental health charity, through awareness and fundraising events plus much more. Help us to support them


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