RSPH Level 2 Award in Identifying and Controlling Food Allergy Risks

We are accredited members of the Royal Society for Public Health, who provide training and consultancy services across the hospitality sector. Having gained many years hands-on experience, our highly skilled trainers have a wealth of knowledge enabling them to create innovative solutions for hotels, restaurants and retail businesses.

Who is this qualification for?

It is recommended that you take this qualification if you are involved in the handling of food in any catering or hospitality setting.

What will this course cover?

This qualification will provide learners with an understanding of why food allergens need to be controlled and strategies for control, such as keeping and making available information about allergen ingredients, reducing cross contamination, improving communication and providing advice to consumers.

To achieve this qualification a candidate must:

  1. Understand why food allergens need to be controlled, by being able to meet the following assessment criteria:
    • Identify symptoms produced by ingestion of allergens in food
    • Outline why Food Business Operators need to identify and control food allergens
    • Identify foods that commonly cause adverse reactions
  2. Know how to protect people with food allergies and intolerances from adverse reactions, by being able to meet the following assessment criteria:
    • Identify food allergens in dishes and products
    • Identify routes of food allergen cross contamination and methods of control
    • State how communication can reduce the risk of adverse reactions

How is it assessed?

Attainment of the Learning Outcomes will be assessed by a multiple-choice examination.

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