We offer on-site fire training at your premises. All of our courses contain expert information, a DVD tailored specifically to your business, practical use of fire extinguishers and a final exam.

Fire Safety – Basic
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Fire Safety – Advanced
What will this course cover?

Fire Warden
What will this course cover?

Our Fire Warden course covers both theory and practical aspects of the Fire Wardens roles and responsibilities. The course places a strong emphasis on practical aspects of emergency evacuation procedures during mock simulations.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that their staff are adequately trained on what to do in the event of fire. Training should be given upon induction and preferably again within the first month of employment. Refresher training should be given at least once a year. Training should be undertaken by a competent person and a record kept in some form of log book.

The four main areas to concentrate the instruction on are:

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